Gypsy (Outspoken Authors)

By: Scholz, Carter

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Brand New; satisfaction guaranteed. Trade paperback binding. Since his debut in Terry Carr?s legendary Ace Specials of the 1980s, Carter Scholz has occupied an enviable, if demanding, position on the cutting edge of modern speculative literature (vulgarly called SF).Proudly debuting in this volume, Gypsy is his first major work since his 2002 nuclear thriller Radiance. An interstellar adventure grounded in the hard science of accurate physics and biology, Gypsy soars far beyond the heliosphere of conventional science fiction. Jettisoning the easy warp-drives of fantasy and space opera, Scholz chronicles with chilling realism the epic voyage of a team of far-seeing scientists, who crowdsource a secret starship and abandon the doomed Earth for the Alpha Centauri system, our nearest stellar neighbor and last desperate chance. Heartbreak and hope collide in this moving and visionary tale.Plus...An epistolary story about a story, ?The Nine Billion Names of God,? uses a classic SF text to deconstruct literary deconstruction itself, with hilarious results. In the wickedly droll ?Bad Pennies,? a spy tasked with trashing a foreign economy testifies before a complacent Congress. Quietly furious, ?The United States of Impunity? is an alarming look under the tent of today?s political sideshow. Adults only.And Featuring: ?Gear. Food. Rocks.??our Outspoken Interview, in which a postmodern Renaissance man charts the synergies and dissonances of a career that embraces both literary and musical composition, reveals the hidden link between winemaking and deep space astronomy, and tells you how to steal his car. Support Last Word Books & Press and other independent booksellers. For more information about a specific title please feel free to contact us with your questions.

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The intriguing story of how a bold but tiny group of beleaguered humanity financed by a rogue billionaire undertake the top-secret colonization of a nearby star system
In this collection of sci-fi stories, heralded writer Carter Scholz explores a variety of sociopolitical themes. In the novella Gypsy, a few visionary scientists, chosen and nurtured by an eccentric billionaire undertake humankind s most expansive adventure a generations-long voyage to a distant planet. The story The Nine Billion Names of God uses a classic sci-fi text to deconstruct literary deconstruction itself, with hilarious results. Imprecations is an unforgiving examination of the primary lies in popular culture. An interview with the author, in which Scholz reveals his sources, frustrations, forbidden delights, and demonic designs, is also included."

Title: Gypsy (Outspoken Authors)

Author Name: Scholz, Carter

Categories: Science Fiction & Fantasy,

Publisher: PM Press: 2015-12-01

ISBN Number: 1629631183

ISBN Number 13: 9781629631189

Binding: Paperback

Book Condition: New

Type: Paperback

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