The Poor Man's James Bond Greets the Russians

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Brand New DVD converted from VHS; satisfaction guaranteed. From Kurt Saxon's online catalog:"THE POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND GREETS THE RUSSIANS, 60 MINUTE, VHS $19.95 - Chillingly matter-of-fact about such subjects as gas tank bombs, poisons, the hoped-for-slaughter of our Russian friends. Saxon puts the gun in your hand, so-to-speak. This tape drafts you into the increasing army of partisans, guerrillas, freedom fighters and patriots preparing for foreign invaders or homegrown tyranny. Saxon has not only learned to love the BOMB but looks forward to the real Red Dawn. Although parts of this tape are outrageously grim, other parts are outrageously funny."Contents include: Making Ammonia Nitrogen Tri-Iodide (ANTI), Making The Super Condenser, Extracting Ricin From Castor Beans, Making an Antipersonnel Fire Bomb, Making The Saxon Savage, Building Jacob's Ladder, Kurt Saxon's Opinion on Terrorism, Lighting A Cigarette With An Ice Cube, Starting A Fire With Water. Please check with municipal, county, state, and federal law enforcement agencies to obtain the proper licensing for these projects so you can do them legally.

Title: The Poor Man's James Bond Greets the Russians

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Book Condition: New

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