Store Policies

Payment Methods Accepted

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Check and Money Order.


We give 1/2 of our resale value for any item in store credit. Store credit cannot be cashed out at any time, but we will be glad to give you cash for your books. We give 1/4 of our resale value for any item in cash, but be warned. We tend to be more selective with cash than trade.


Most of the books in the store are used and credit can be used for the entire value of the book. However, there are some titles of a rare and hard-to-find variety that are marked 1/2 cash/trade. For those items, you can use your credit for half the value of the book, but the other half is...(tada) cash.


As we continue to expand, we have begun carrying a select inventory of new items. Store credit cannot be used for these items.


REFUNDS: We'll be happy to refund any order if you are not fully satisfied.