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Social Sciences:Media

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1 Censored 2010: The Top 25 Censored Stories of 2008-09
Seven Stories Press 158322890X / 9781583228906 PAPERBACK New 
158322890X New. No dust jacket as issued. Brand New! Support Radical Independent Pacific Northwest Booksellers! Trade paperback (US). Glued binding. 432 p. Censored: News That Didn't Make the News--Year's Top 25 Ceensored Stories. Audience: General/trade. In addition to highlighting the twenty-five most important underreported news stories, Censored 2010 includes in-depth essays on select issues, plus updates on previous years' censored stories and the "junk food" stories that get all the coverage. An invaluable alternative media resource. 
Price: 20.00 USD

6 Panicology: What's There to Be Afraid Of?
Briscoe, Simon; Aldersey-Williams, Hugh Skyhorse 1616080485 / 9781616080488 PAPERBACK New 
1616080485 Are you worried that a life of poverty awaits you in old age? Anxious that our planet is under threat from climate change? You're not alone. But should you really be worried? This revealing book strips away the hysteria that surrounds over forty of today's most common scare stories, from overpopulation and murder rates to fish shortages and obesity levels. 
Price: 13.00 USD

2 Communication Revolution: Critical Junctures and the Future of Media
McChesney, Robert W. The New Press 1595584137 / 9781595584137 PAPERBACK New 
1595584137 New. No dust jacket as issued. Brand New! Support Radical Independent Pacific Northwest Booksellers! Trade paperback (US). Glued binding. 301 p. Audience: General/trade. In Communication Revolution both a sharp and cogent analysis of the history of media studies and a clarion call for citizen participation Robert McChesney argues that with the Internet and wireless technology set to overtake traditional media, we have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to build a more egalitarian communication system. He brilliantly shows how communication scholarship has failed to rise to the challenge of conceiving what this system might look like, leaving it to the burgeoning media reform movement (in which he has been a key player) to fill the vision vacuum. Bringing both his authoritative analysis and unparalleled historical knowledge to bear on an urgent issue of our time, McChesney challenges us to transform the way we think about media. As Noam Chomsky has said, Robert McChesney s work has been of extraordinary importance..It should be read with care and concern by people who care about freedom and basic rights. 
Price: 19.00 USD

7 Popular Guide to Building a Community FM Broadcast Station
Enrile, TJ AKPress 0977115208 / 9780977115204 PAMPHLET New 
0977115208 A beginners guide, profusely illustrated, on doing it yourself. From what equipment is needed, to finding a location, to how to build a simple no-tune antenna; then there?s the layout, testing a transmitter, tuning an antenna, and setting up the limiter compressor. Easy when you know how, and these simple to follow instructions give that practical knowledge to everyone. Produced by the folks responsible for making 1000s of micropower radio kits, and setting up 100s of radio stations. Do it. 
Price: 10.00 USD

3 Conversations with Hunter S. Thompson (Literary Conversations Series)
University Press of Mississippi 1934110779 / 9781934110775 PAPERBACK New 
1934110779 New. No dust jacket as issued. Brand New! Support Radical Independent Pacific Northwest Booksellers! Trade paperback (US). Glued binding. 211 p. Contains: Illustrations. Literary Conversations (Paperback). Audience: General/trade. In 1971, the outlandish originator of gonzo journalism, Hunter S. Thompson (1937-2005) commandeered the international literary limelight with his best-selling, comic masterpiece Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Thompson displayed an uncanny flair for inserting himself into the epicenter of major sociopolitical events of our generation. and his audacious, satirical, ranting screeds on American culture have been widely read and admired. Whether in books, essays, or collections of his correspondence, his raging and incisive voice and writing style are unmistakable. Conversations with Hunter S. Thompson is the first compilation of selected personal interviews that traces the trajectory of his prolific and much-publicized career. These engaging exchanges reveal Thompson's determination, self-indulgence, energy, outrageous wit, ire, and passions as he discusses his life and work. book features pieces from Playboy, Spin, Hustler, American Journalism Review, and talks with such notables as Douglas Brinkley and Curtis Wilkie; and includes interviews ranging from 1974 to 2003, spanning most of his career. 
Price: 22.00 USD

8 Seizing the Airwaves: A Free Radio Handbook
AK Press 1873176996 / 9781873176993 PAPERBACK New 
1873176996 Price: 13.00 USD

4 Microradio & Democracy (Open Media Series)
Ruggiero, Greg Seven Stories Press 1583220003 / 9781583220009 PAPERBACK New 
1583220003 New. No dust jacket as issued. Brand New! Support Radical Independent Pacific Northwest Booksellers! Trade paperback (US). Glued binding. Open Media Pamphlet. Audience: General/trade. Microradio and Democracy discusses the role of citizen access to communications in a democratic society, and how diversity, localism, and core political speech are undermined by corporate control of the public airwaves. Ruggiero examines the emergence of the microradio activism and recent court cases, and the links between the microradio struggle and larger movements for democracy and social justice. Illustrated with photos and graphics, this book will be of interest to anyone concerned about keeping free speech for communities, not corporations. Represented by the Center for Constitutional Rights, in February 2002 Ruggiero won a First Amendment victory in Federal District Court. case, Ruggiero vs the FCC proved that the U.S. government's lifetime prohibition against individuals who had engaged in civil disobedience from applying for a low-power FM license was unconstitutional. victory was later overturned by an en banc decision, and the U.S. Supreme Court has rejected to hear the case. 
Price: 6.00 USD

9 The Medium is the Massage
McLuhan, Marshall; Fiore, Quentin Gingko Press Inc. 1584230703 / 9781584230700 PAPERBACK New 
1584230703 New. No dust jacket as issued. Brand New! Support Radical Independent Pacific Northwest Booksellers! Trade paperback (US). Glued binding. 160 p. Contains: Illustrations. Audience: General/trade. Medium is the Massage remains Marshall McLuhan's most popular book, perhaps as influential as Understanding Media. It is still one of the most insightful and provocative works ever to have been published on our modern culture. With every technological advance, McLuhan's theories reveal how prescient his insights actually proved to be. His thought is a guide to understanding environments, especially new ones as they enter and pervade society, like the computer is doing to biology and science (McLuhan heralded the marriage of electronics and biology) and how the world wide web is threatening to liberate the old information monopolies from governments and big corporations. Marshall McLuhan's books are published in more than a dozen languages. He is widely considered to be the most original thinker of the twentieth century. Quentin Fiore is one of America's most distinguished graphic designers and perhaps the most successful of all McLuhan collaborators. Jerome Agel has written and produced more than fifty books, including original visual interpretations of Marshall McLuhan's and Buckminster Fuller's work. 
Price: 14.00 USD

5 Our Media, Not Theirs: The Democratic Struggle against Corporate Media (Open Media Series)
John Nichols; Robert W. McChesney Seven Stories Press 1583225498 / 9781583225493 PAPERBACK New 
1583225498 New. No dust jacket as issued. Brand New! Support Radical Independent Pacific Northwest Booksellers! Trade paperback (US). Glued binding. 140 p. Open Media Books. Audience: General/trade. Our Media, Not Theirs! Democratic Struggle Against Corporate Media examines how the current media system in the United States undermines democracy, and what we can do to change it. McChesney and Nichols begin by detailing how the media system has come to be dominated by a handful of transnational conglomerates that use their immense political and economic power to saturate the population with commercial messages. They reveal how journalism, electoral politics, entertainment, art and culture have all suffered as a result, and use examples of media coverage of the 2000 Presidential Elections and War On Terrorism to illustrate the poverty of information corporate media actually provide. McChesney and Nichols also explain how that the Internet, which many once argued would open up the media system to a cornucopia of new voices and creativity, has been lost for the most part to the corporate communication system. 
Price: 10.00 USD

10 The Problem of the Media: U.S. Communication Politics in the Twenty-First Century
Robert W. McChesney Monthly Review Press 1583671056 / 9781583671054 PAPERBACK New 
1583671056 New. No dust jacket as issued. Brand New! Support Radical Pacific Northwest Independent Booksellers! Trade paperback (US). Glued binding. 367 p. Audience: General/trade. symptoms of the crisis of the U.S. media are well-known a decline in hard news, the growth of info-tainment and advertorials, staff cuts and concentration of ownership, increasing conformity of viewpoint and suppression of genuine debate. McChesney's new book, Problem of the Media, gets to the roots of this crisis, explains it, and points a way forward for the growing media reform movement. Moving consistently from critique to action, the book explores the political economy of the media, illuminating its major flashpoints and controversies by locating them in the political economy of U.S. capitalism. It deals with issues such as the declining quality of journalism, the question of bias, the weakness of the public broadcasting sector, and the limits and possibilities of antitrust legislation in regulating the media. It points out the ways in which the existing media system has become a threat to democracy, and shows how it could be made to serve the interests of the majority. McChesney's Rich Media, Poor Democracy was hailed as a pioneering analysis of the way in which media had come to serve the interests of corporate profit rather than public enlightenment and debate. Bill Moyers commented, "If Thomas Paine were around, he would have written this book. " Problem of the Media is certain to be a landmark in media studies, a vital resource for media activism, and essential reading for concerned scholars and citizens everywhere. 
Price: 17.00 USD


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