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Business & Economics:Labor

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1 Automation and the workers
christensen , erik Labour Resarch Department 1968 0900508302 / 9780900508301 PAPERBACK Good 
0900508302 100 p. Infamous independent bookstore proudly serving freaks, degenerates and malcontents of all persuasions since 2002. Good. No dust jacket as issued. ~all titles subject to prior sale; light to moderate shelf wear. 
Price: 15.00 USD

13 Rebel Voices: An IWW Anthology
PM Press 1604864834 / 9781604864830 PAPERBACK New 
1604864834 Welcoming women, Blacks, and immigrants long before most other unions, the Wobblies from the start were labor's outstanding pioneers and innovators, unionizing hundreds of thousands of workers previously regarded as "unorganizable." Wobblies organized the first sit-down strike (at General Electric, Schenectady, 1906), the first major auto strike (6,000 Studebaker workers, Detroit, 1911), the first strike to shut down all three coalfields in Colorado (1927), and the first "no-fare" transit-workers' job-action (Cleveland, 1944). With their imaginative, colorful, and world-famous strikes and free-speech fights, the IWW wrote many of the brightest pages in the annals of working class emancipation. Wobblies also made immense and invaluable contributions to workers' culture. All but a few of America's most popular labor songs are Wobbly songs. IWW cartoons have long been recognized as labor's finest and funniest. The impact of the IWW has reverberated far beyond the ranks of organized labor. An important influence on the 1960s New Left, the Wobbly theory and practice of direct action, solidarity, and "class-war" humor have inspired several generations of civil rights and antiwar activists, and are a major source of ideas and inspiration for today's radicals. Indeed, virtually every movement seeking to "make this planet a good place to live" (to quote an old Wobbly slogan), has drawn on the IWW's incomparable experience. Originally published in 1964 and long out of print, Rebel Voices remains by far the biggest and best source on IWW history, fiction, songs, art, and lore. This new edition includes 40 pages of additional material from the 1998 Charles H. Kerr edition from Fred Thompson and Franklin Rosemont, and a new preface by Wobbly organizer Daniel Gross. 
Price: 28.00 USD

2 Classic Labor Songs From Smithsonian Folkways
Classic Labor Songs From Smithsonian Folkways Records Smithsonian Folkways 093074016626 AUDIO CD New 
093074016626 Songs of the American labor movement from the 20th century. A collection of legends sing some of the classics (and a few gems you may not have heard before), including Paul Robeson, Bobbie McGee, Pete Seeger, Joe Glazer, Almanac Singers, Woody Guthrie, Utah Phillips, Mike Seeger, Peggy Seeger, Florence Reece, Hazel Dickens, Eddie Starr, Anne Feeny, Jon Fromer and more, singing the songs of Si Kahn, Joe Hill, their own work, and a whole lot more. 27 songs, 76 minutes, and a deluxe 26 page booklet, detailing the history of the songs, and the performers. 
Price: 15.00 USD

14 Red bait!: Struggles of a Mine Mill local
King, Al Kingbird Pub 0968376800 / 9780968376805 Hardcover Good 
0968376800 ~Good. No DJ, as issued. Trade Paperback. Light to moderate shelf wear to covers/corners; satisfaction guaranteed. 
Price: 25.00 USD

3 Employee benefits planning by Phillips, Harry
Phillips, Harry Insurance Field Co. 1970 Hardcover Good 
~Good. No DJ. Hardcover. Ex-Library. Academic library markings/stamps; light to moderate shelf wear; satisfaction guaranteed. 
Price: 11.00 USD

15 Research into labour market behaviour
Vincens, Jean Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development 1974 9264112030 / 9789264112032 PAPERBACK Good 
9264112030 ~Good. No DJ, as issued. Trade Paperback. Ex-Library. Academic library markings/stamps; light to moderate shelf wear; satisfaction guaranteed. 
Price: 30.00 USD

4 Gun Thugs, Rednecks, and Radicals: A Documentary History of the West Virginia Mine Wars
PM Press 1604864524 / 9781604864526 PAPERBACK New 
1604864524 Strikes and union battles occurred throughout American industry during the early part of the twentieth century, but none of these stories compare to the West Virginia Mine Wars of 1912 and 1921. These two workers? rebellions quickly drew national attention to an area known principally for its ?black gold,? the coal that was vital for U.S. factories, power plants, and warships of that age. In 1912, miners struck against the harsh conditions in the work camps of Paint and Cabin Creeks and coal operators responded with force. The ensuing battles caused the West Virginia governor to declare martial law, prompting Samuel Gompers to dub the state ?Russianized West Virginia [where] the people can be naught but serfs.? There was little improvement in working conditions by 1921, when another army?thousands of union miners?went up against similar numbers of state police, local deputies, and paid company guards. The weeklong Battle of Blair Mountain ended only after President Warren Harding sent 2,000 U.S. troops and a small unit of bombers to pacify the region. Gun Thugs, Rednecks, and Radicals tells the story of these union battles as seen by the leaders, rank-and-file participants, and the journalists who came to West Virginia to cover them for papers including The Nation and theNew York Times. Union leaders like Gompers, Frank Keeney, Fred Mooney, Bill Blizzard, and Mother Jones discuss the lives and struggles of the miners for their union. The book also contains articles, speeches, and personal testimony heard by two U.S. Senate committees sent to investigate West Virginia?s labor problems. In this testimony, miners and their family members describe life and work in the coal camps, telling why they participated in these violent episodes in West Virginia history. Special attention is given to the role of Huntington?s own radical newspaper, The Socialist and Labor Star, a forgotten monument in the history of American heresy and radicalism. 
Price: 20.00 USD

16 Strike!: 99 days on the line : the workers' own story of the 1945 Windsor Ford strike
Baruth-Walsh, Mary E.; Walsh, G. M. Penumbra Press 0921254695 / 9780921254690 PAPERBACK Very Good 
0921254695 ~Very Good. No DJ, as issued. Trade Paperback. Light shelf wear to covers/corners; satisfaction guaranteed. 
Price: 15.00 USD

5 Hebden: Pathways to Participation
HEBDEN John Wiley & Sons Inc 1977 0470991968 / 9780470991961 Hardcover Good 
0470991968 ~Good. No DJ. Hardcover. Ex-Library. Academic library markings/stamps; light to moderate shelf wear; satisfaction guaranteed. 
Price: 20.00 USD

17 The Environment of the workplace and human values
Sheldon W. Samuels Liss 1986 0845142054 / 9780845142059 Hardcover Very Good 
0845142054 ~Very Good. No DJ. Hardcover. Light shelf wear to boards; satisfaction guaranteed. 
Price: 9.00 USD

6 Inhuman Relations: Quality Circles and Anti-Unionism in American Industry (Labor And Social Change)
Grenier, Guillermo Temple University Press 0877226326 / 9780877226321 PAPERBACK Good 
0877226326 ~Good. Light to moderate shelf wear to covers/corners; satisfaction guaranteed. Trade paperback binding. Contains light to moderate highlighting, notes, underlining and/or other markings; satisfaction guaranteed. 
Price: 30.00 USD

18 The Great Labor Quotations: Sourcebook and Reader
Bollen, Peter Red Eye Press 0929349067 / 9780929349060 PAPERBACK New 
0929349067 New. No dust jacket as issued. Brand New! Support Independent Pacific Northwest Booksellers! Trade paperback (US). Glued binding. 352 p. Contains: Illustrations. Audience: General/trade. GLQ is a unique compilation of quotations on work and labor drawn almost entirely from the American labor movement. Primarily a quotation sourcebook for writers and speakers, GLQ is as comfortable on a coffee table as on a reference shelf. Biographical briefs of historical labor leaders and topical labor images add context to quotations. combination reads as a provocative, enlightening labor primer that will inspire and entertain jobholders everywhere. According to labor historian William Cahn, history of America has been largely created by the deeds of its working people and their organizations-there is scarcely an issue that is not influenced by labor's organized efforts or lack of them. GLQ presents labor issues, many of them timeless, through the words of history makers-the workers, labor and political leaders, activists and advocates, as well as the powerful people who opposed them. 
Price: 20.00 USD

7 Labor Law for the Rank & Filer: Building Solidarity While Staying Clear of the Law
Gross, Daniel; Lynd, Staughton PM Press 1604864192 / 9781604864199 PAPERBACK New 
1604864192 Have you ever felt your blood boil at work but lacked the tools to fight back and win? Or have you acted together with your co-workers, made progress, but wondered what to do next? If you are in a union, do you find that the union operates top-down just like the boss and ignores the will of its members? Labor Law for the Rank and Filer: Building Solidarity While Staying Clear of the Law is a guerrilla legal handbook for workers in a precarious global economy. Blending cutting-edge legal strategies for winning justice at work with a theory of dramatic social change from below, Staughton Lynd and Daniel Gross deliver a practical guide for making work better while re-invigorating the labor movement. Labor Law for the Rank and Filer demonstrates how a powerful model of organizing called ?Solidarity Unionism? can help workers avoid the pitfalls of the legal system and utilize direct action to win. This new revised and expanded edition includes new cases governing fundamental labor rights as well as an added section on Practicing Solidarity Unionism. This new section includes chapters discussing the hard-hitting tactic of working to rule; organizing under the principle that no one is illegal, and building grassroots solidarity across borders to challenge neoliberalism, among several other new topics. Illustrative stories of workers? struggles make the legal principles come alive. 
Price: 12.00 USD

19 The Labor Story
Texas AFL-CIO 1990 PAMPHLET Fair 
~Fair, cover detached. No DJ, as issued. 48 pages, moderate wear to covers. Spine edge chipped and rubbed a bit, paper flaky. Stapled Pamphlet/Zine style publication. Light to moderate shelf wear to covers/corners; satisfaction guaranteed. 
Price: 10.00 USD

8 Labor Law Handbook
Yates, Michael South End Pr 089608261X / 9780896082618 PAPERBACK Good 
089608261X ~Good. No DJ, as issued. Trade Paperback. Light to moderate shelf wear to covers/corners; satisfaction guaranteed. 
Price: 20.00 USD

20 The strengthening of labour administration in Asia and its role in national development with the active participation of employers' and workers' ... Organization. Asian Regional Conference)
International Labour Organisation International Labour Office 1975 9221013898 / 9789221013891 PAPERBACK Good 
9221013898 ~Good. No DJ, as issued. Trade Paperback. Ex-Library. Academic library markings/stamps; light to moderate shelf wear; satisfaction guaranteed. 
Price: 20.00 USD

9 Labor's Civil War in California: The NUHW Healthcare Workers' Rebellion
Winslow, Cal PM Press 1604863277 / 9781604863277 PAPERBACK New 
1604863277 This book examines one of the most important labor conflicts in the United States today. In 2006 and 2007, disputes developed concerning the practice and direction of the 150,000 member healthcare workers union in California, United Healthcare Workers-West (UHW), with its ?parent? organization, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU).SEIU is the second largest union in the US, the fastest growing in recent years. It is a well-organized, well-financed organization, with an ambitious agenda. SEIU perspectives, while packaged as progressive, reject traditional union traditions and practices ? union democracy and the idea of ?class struggle? are replaced with class collaboration, and the union frequently ?wheels and deals? directly with top management and politicians. In 2007 UHW rejected these perspectives and contested them within the union. The SEIU international leadership retaliated by placing UHW in trusteeship, firing its officers, seizing its assets, and taking control of all union?s activities. UHW leaders and members responded by forming a new union, the National Union of Healthcare Workers (NUHW) and challenging the SEIU in virtually every unionized site in the state. This California conflict?SEIU vs. NUHW?is no local brawl; it is not about personalities, it is not about West Coast eccentricities. Its significance is not confined to the fortunes of just one particular union. SEIU's attack, however regrettable, is not the first such?nor will it be the last. The truth is that labor has always been divided, comprised of many currents. The truth is also that there are rights and wrongs in labor, as elsewhere, and that these can expose fundamental divides?in this case two contesting souls in the workers' movement. These are sharply on display today in this dispute?the one soul authoritarian, top-down, collaborationist, the other bottom-up, rank-and-file, class conscious. 
Price: 14.00 USD

21 The Union Makes Us Strong: Radical Unionism on the San Francisco Waterfront
Wellman, David Cambridge University Press 0521629683 / 9780521629683 PAPERBACK Fair 
0521629683 ~Fair. No DJ, as issued. Cracked Spine, Trade Paperback. Moderate to heavy shelf wear to covers/corners; satisfaction guaranteed. 
Price: 16.00 USD

10 Labour force participation and development
Standing, Guy International Labour Office 1978 9221017702 / 9789221017707 PAPERBACK Good 
9221017702 ~Good. No DJ, as issued. Trade Paperback. Ex-Library. Academic library markings/stamps; light to moderate shelf wear; satisfaction guaranteed. 
Price: 19.00 USD

22 US Labor in Trouble and Transition: The Failure of Reform from Above, the Promise of Revival from Below
Moody, Kim Verso 1844671542 / 9781844671540 PAPERBACK Good 
1844671542 Contains light to moderate highlighting, notes, underlining and/or other markings; Trade paperback binding. 
Price: 12.00 USD

11 Monitoring the Worker for Exposure and Disease: Scientific, Legal, and Ethical Considerations in the Use of Biomarkers (The Johns Hopkins Series in Environmental Toxicology)
Ashford JD, Dr. Nicholas A.; Spadafor, Professor Christine J.; Hattis, Dr. Dale B.; Caldart, Professor Charles C. The Johns Hopkins University Press 0801839823 / 9780801839825 Hardcover Good 
0801839823 ~Good. No DJ, as issued. Light to moderate shelf wear to covers/corners; satisfaction guaranteed. 
Price: 45.00 USD

23 Wanted: Men to Fill the Jails of Spokane: Fighting for Free Speech with the Hobo Agitators of the I.W.W (Labor Classics)
John Duda Charles H Kerr 0882862707 / 9780882862705 PAPERBACK New 
0882862707 Mass civil disobedience, train-hopping militants, insurrectionist poets, radical marching bands, and a victory for a precarious proletariat in 1909! Published for the 100th Anniversary of the Spokane Free Speech Fight, Wanted: Men to Fill the Jails of Spokane! tells the story of one of the first of the Industrial Workers of the World s famous free speech fights. Through newspaper articles, dispatches from the scene of the fight, and personal recollections, the voices of the men (and women!) who filled the prisons of Spokane, Washington in the name of free speech and the One Big Union are brought back into print. A hundred years later, the courage and creativity of these Wobbly free-speech fighters, laughing in the face of law and order to defy an unjust system and even less fair working conditions, could not be more relevant. Includes articles, letters, updates, and essays by Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, Agnes Thecla Fair, Richard Brazier, J. H. Walsh, and other Fellow Workers, direct from the pages of Industrial Worker, International Socialist Review, Workingman's Paper, and more!. 
Price: 15.00 USD

12 Naming the System: Inequality and Work in the Global Economy
Yates, Michael D. Monthly Review Press 1583670793 / 9781583670798 PAPERBACK Good 
1583670793 Good, paperback binding, light to moderate wear to corners and edges, light to moderate markings/underlining/highlighting to text, previous owner's signature, remainder mark, sticker/residue, and/or other minor aesthetic flaws. Satisfaction guaranteed. Last Word Books & Press is an Infamous Independent Bookstore and Print Shop located in Olympia, Washington. 
Price: 9.00 USD

24 Workers' participation: Final report on an international management seminar convened by the OECD, Versailles, 5th-8th March 1975 (International seminars)
Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development sold by OECD Publications Center] 1976 9264114548 / 9789264114548 PAPERBACK Good 
9264114548 ~Good. No DJ, as issued. Trade Paperback. Ex-Library. Academic library markings/stamps; light to moderate shelf wear; satisfaction guaranteed. 
Price: 15.00 USD

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