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1 100 Classic Hikes of the Northeast
Gange, Jared Huntington Graphics 1886064148 / 9781886064140 PAPERBACK Very Good 
1886064148 ~Very Good. Light shelf wear to covers/corners; satisfaction guaranteed. 
Price: 3.00 USD

28 Lethal Karate Strikes: Secrets of the Meridians
Cliff Field Paladin Press 1581607377 / 9781581607376 PAPERBACK New 
1581607377 It is said that the original martial arts masters would only give their "secrets" to the most trusted students?and never to Westerners. From the perspective of acupoint strikes it is easy to see why these claims originated: the masters knew that Westerners could not understand the underlying concepts. Until now. Veteran martial artist Cliff Field has been a physician for nearly 30 years and has used acupuncture in his practice for nearly that long. His background in both Eastern and Western medicine, as well as his years studying karate, gives him a unique insight into how strikes to specific points on the human body can cause unexpected?even lethal?damage. In this book, Field gives you a deep understanding of human anatomy, physiology, physics, biomechanics, and energetics?the flow of chi through the meridians?as it pertains to martial arts techniques. This easy-to-understand examination of karate from both a Western medical perspective and an Eastern energetic perspective demonstrates how to attack the body at its weakest points, both anatomically and energetically. Cliff Field, M.D., graduated from Hahnemann University in 1980 and finished his residency in family medicine in 1983. He received certification in acupuncture between 1983 and 1984. He began his martial arts studies in 1986 and earned his black belt in 1999 from the International Karate League (IKL), founded by Walter Nishioka. He currently holds the rank of sandan and is a sensei of a dojo. This book is a result of his combined knowledge of Western and Eastern medicine and martial arts. 
Price: 21.00 USD

2 Afrikan Martial Arts: Discovering the Warrior Within
Balogun O. Abeegunde Boss Up Inc. 0977009238 / 9780977009237 PAPERBACK New 
0977009238 New. No dust jacket as issued. Brand New! Support Independent Pacific Northwest Booksellers! 217 p. For the first time ever, a book has been written that reveals the concepts, strategies and self-defense applications of the African martial arts. -history and principles of the African Martial Arts-Egbe Ogun Traditional Martial Arts System-Practical Self-defense and Combat Techniques-Step-by-Step Instructional Photos & More! This groundbreaking text also informs instructors how to teach African martial arts with an African mindset and not with an Asian or European mindset, transplanted into the African martial arts. 
Price: 23.00 USD

29 Marathon: You Can Do It!
Galloway, Jeff Shelter Publications 0936070250 / 9780936070254 PAPERBACK New 
0936070250 New. No dust jacket as issued. Brand New! Support Independent Pacific Northwest Booksellers! Trade paperback (US). Glued binding. 224 p. Contains: Illustrations. Audience: General/trade. Jeff Galloway's fitness book Galloway's Book on Running has become the standard resource for runners. His new book, Marathon: You Can Do It! , has the programs that will allow almost anyone, at any fitness level, to have fun training for the marathon. Galloway's schedule almost eliminates the chance of injury through walk breaks, conservative pacing, and liberal rest days. low weekly mileage lets participants carry on family and career activities as they prepare for the meaningful challenge. Inside you'll find the latest practical tips on eating, fat-burning, staying motivated, easier running form, and much more. Galloway's success in using walk breaks throughout marathon training has attracted tens of thousands of average people to experience the unique lifetime accomplishment of finishing a marathon. Only in this book will you discover how to set these up, and to adjust to individual differences in conditioning. Other treasures are found inside, such as historical tidbits about the marathon, an eating plan that encourages fat burning while you eat all day long, and how competitive marathoners can use walk breaks to improve their time by an average of 13 minutes. This is the state-of-the-art marathon book by the person who lives and breathes running. 
Price: 13.00 USD

3 An Adirondack Sampler II: Backpacking Trips
Wadsworth, Bruce Adirondack Mountain Club 0935272755 / 9780935272758 PAPERBACK Very Good 
0935272755 ~Very Good. Light shelf wear to covers/corners; satisfaction guaranteed. 
Price: 7.00 USD

30 Mastering Yang Style Taijiquan
Zhongwen, Fu North Atlantic Books 1556433182 / 9781556433184 PAPERBACK Very Good 
1556433182 ~Very Good. Light shelf wear to covers/corners; satisfaction guaranteed. Trade paperback binding. 
Price: 7.00 USD

4 Anybody's Bike Book: An Original Manual of Bicycle Repairs
Cuthbertson, Tom Ten Speed Press 0898150035 / 9780898150032 PAPERBACK Good 
0898150035 Good, paperback, light to moderate wear to corners and edges. May contain markings, previous owner's name, remainder mark, bookplate and/or other minor aesthetic flaws. 
Price: 5.00 USD

31 Modern Day Ninjutsu
Oscar Diaz-Cobo Desert Pubns 0879471581 / 9780879471583 PAPERBACK New 
0879471581 New. No dust jacket as issued. Brand New! Support Radical Pacific Northwest Independent Booksellers! first Ninja book to incorporate traditional concepts of Ninjutsu weaponry & tactics with practical modern-day applications. Written in a realistic How-To manner, this book reveals all the best-guarded secrets of these deadly warriors. Learn how to make legendary Ninja flash & smoke grenades, walk unseen, stop an opponent in an instant, climb vertical walls & more. 51/2"x81/2", 158 pgs, illus., softcvr. 
Price: 16.00 USD

5 Armed Defense Gunfight Surviv
Rapp, Burt; Burt, Rapp Loompanics Unlimited 155950014X / 9781559500142 PAPERBACK New 
155950014X New. No dust jacket as issued. Brand New! Support Radical Pacific Northwest Independent Booksellers! Trade paperback (US). Glued binding. Audience: General/trade. 
Price: 15.00 USD

32 Paddle Routes of Western Washington: 50 Flatwater Trips for Kayak and Canoe
Huser, Verne Mountaineers Books 0898862310 / 9780898862317 PAPERBACK Very Good 
0898862310 ~Very Good. Light shelf wear to covers/corners; satisfaction guaranteed. Trade paperback binding. 
Price: 6.00 USD

6 Avalanche Safety: For Skiers and Climbers
Daffern, Tony Cloudcap 0938567330 / 9780938567332 PAPERBACK New 
0938567330 Second Edition 
Price: 5.00 USD

33 Parent's Guide to Martial Arts
Fritsch, Debra M.; Hunter, Ruth M. Turtle Press (CT) 1880336227 / 9781880336229 PAPERBACK Good 
1880336227 ~Good. Light to moderate shelf wear to covers/corners; satisfaction guaranteed. Trade paperback binding. 
Price: 6.00 USD

7 Backpacking one step at a time
Manning, Harvey REI Press B0006C3S4W Hardcover Good 
B0006C3S4W 1st edition, June 1972. Good, hardcover binding with dust jacket. Light to moderate wear to corners and edges, may contain markings to text or other minor aesthetic flaws. Please inquire for additional details. Last Word Books & Press is an Infamous Independent Bookstore and Print Shop located in Olympia, Washington. 
Price: 7.00 USD

34 People's History of Sports in the United States: 250 Years of Politics, Protest, People, and Play (New Press People's History)
Zirin, Dave New Press, The 1595584773 / 9781595584779 PAPERBACK New 
1595584773 New. No dust jacket as issued. Brand New! Support Pacific Northwest Independent Booksellers! Trade paperback (US). Glued binding. 302 p. Audience: General/trade. In this long-awaited book from the rising superstar of sportswriting, Dave Zirin offers a riotously entertaining chronicle of larger-than-life sporting characters and dramatic contests and what amounts to an alternative history of the United States as seen through the games its people played. Through Zirin's eyes, sports are never mere games, but a reflection of and spur toward the political conflicts that shape American society. Half a century before Jackie Robinson was born, the black ballplayer Moses Fleetwood Walker brandished a revolver to keep racist fans at bay, then took his regular place in the lineup. In the midst of the Depression, when almost no black athletes were allowed on the U.S. Olympic team, athletes held a Counter Olympics where a third of the participants were African American. A People's History of Sports in the United States is replete with surprises for seasoned sports fans, while anyone interested in history will be amazed by the connections Zirin draws between politics and pop flies. As Jeff Chang, author of Can't Stop Won't Stop, puts it: "After you read him, you'll never see sports the same way again. " "This sprawling, insightful, and contrarian book is worth reading for its portrayal of the rebel athletes to whom it is dedicated, and to whom we are all indebted. " Time Dave Zirin is also the author of What's My Name Fool! and Welcome to the Terrordome. 
Price: 17.00 USD

8 Bicycle!: A Repair & Maintenance Manifesto
Tracy, Sam PM Press 1604866403 / 9781604866407 PAPERBACK New 
1604866403 ~NEW. No DJ, as issued. Trade Paperback. Brand new; satisfaction guaranteed. There is nothing sacrosanct about bike repair. Its pursuit only requires the will to learn. At their finest hours bikes exist on a level above mere machines, and there?s no reason why the joy should end when the ride is over.Bicycle! written by a long-time bicycle mechanic, covers everything you need to know to feed and care for your ride. This book cuts through the obtuse techno-speak and delivers maintenance clarity with a touch of humor and radicalism, while categorically denying mechanistry?s supposed dreariness. Bicycle! is about encouraging society to learn for themselves how to make their bikes work, not because they have to, but because they want to.With detailed descriptions of all maintenance tasks and repair situations, clearly illustrated with photographs and drawings, this guide will serve the need for a serious rider?s manual. Professional bicycle workers?messengers, mechanics, pedi-cab drivers?as well as bicycle commuters have been waiting for this book. This second edition includes an abundance of helpful photos, an expanded index, and an updated resources section. Moreover, it benefits from insights gained through five years? worth of additional mechanic experience including low-cost and no-cost repair solutions the author developed while serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Mauritania.Some of the Topics Covered:Essential ToolsBike Components (Maintaining, Adjusting, Repairing)On-the-Road RepairsBuild Your Own (Scavenging)Locks / Thief DeterrentsRust, the Elemental Bike NemesisAnd much, much more! 
Price: 18.00 USD

35 Rock Climbs Of Central Washington
2006 0966979591 / 9780966979596 Very Good 
0966979591 ~Very Good. No DJ, as issued. Trade Paperback. Light shelf wear to covers/corners; satisfaction guaranteed. 
Price: 17.00 USD

9 Billion-Dollar Fish: The Untold Story of Alaska Pollock
Bailey, Kevin M. University Of Chicago Press 022602234X / 9780226022345 Hardcover Very Good 
022602234X Good to Very Good, light wear to corners and edges, satisfaction guaranteed! Last Word Books & Press is an Infamous Independent Bookstore located in Olympia, Washington. Contains light to moderate highlighting, notes, underlining and/or other markings; satisfaction guaranteed. 
Price: 11.00 USD

36 Scientific Self-defense
W.E. Fairbairn Paladin Press 1581605293 / 9781581605297 PAPERBACK New 
1581605293 New. No dust jacket as issued. Brand New! Support Radical Independent Pacific Northwest Booksellers! 165 p. One of the most highly sought volumes in the library of legendary hand-to-hand combat manuals is finally available from Paladin Press. W.E. Fairbairn's Scientific Self-Defence, published in 1931 as a slightly modified reprint of Defendu (1926), outlines the brutally effective close-quarters combat program developed during Fairbairn's renowned service with the Shanghai Municipal Police. Fairbairn's straightforward techniques for defending against various holds, dealing with assailants armed with guns or knives, applying truly effective holds and throws, using the club and walking stick for self-defense, and other areas of close-in fighting have had an extraordinary influence on the development of the combat arts. His immense impact on generations of fighting men from an elite cadre of instructors who trained soldiers in realistic hand-to-hand combat during World War II to today's practitioners of hard-core self-defense can now be studied directly from the source in this quality reprint edition of Scientific Self-Defence. Captain W.E. Fairbairn taught unarmed combat to the famed British Commandos and the U.S. armed forces during World War II. Before the war he served as assistant commissioner of the Shanghai Police Force. He was the inventor of the Fairbairn Commando Knife and the author of the classics Get Tough and Shooting to Live. 
Price: 20.00 USD

10 Bloody Brazilian Knife Fightin' Techniques
Fester, Uncle; Nakayama, Rick; Cavalcanti, Pedro; Abe, Mad Festering Publications 0970148550 / 9780970148551 PAPERBACK New 
0970148550 New. No dust jacket as issued. Brand New! Support Independent Pacific Northwest Booksellers! I get these straight from Uncle Fester so your money is going to the source! Screw the corporate conglomerates! 79 p. 
Price: 16.00 USD

37 Secrets Of Street Survival - Israeli Style: Staying Alive In A Civilian War Zone
Sockut, Eugene Paladin Press 0873648196 / 9780873648196 PAPERBACK New 
0873648196 Learn the secrets the Israelis have gleaned from years of prevailing in hostile territory. Israeli self-defense and small arms specialist Eugene Sockut presents hard-learned survival tactics, including adopting the right mind-set, using "hot" and "cold" weapons, securing your home and surviving a riot. For academic study only. 
Price: 33.00 USD

11 Bodyguarding: A Complete Manual
Rapp, Burt; Lesce, Tony Breakout Productions 1559501243 / 9781559501248 PAPERBACK New 
1559501243 New. No dust jacket as issued. brand new! support independent counter-culture booksellers! Trade paperback (US). Glued binding. 188 p. Audience: General/trade. 
Price: 26.00 USD

38 Self-Defense for Radicals: A to Z Guide for Subversive Struggle (PM Pamphlet)
Z., Mickey PM Press 1604862041 / 9781604862041 PAMPHLET New 
1604862041 New. No dust jacket as issued. Brand New! Support Independent Pacific Northwest Booksellers! 32 p. Radicals, feminists, environmentalists. Activists for animal rights, human rights, civil rights. There are plenty of rebels and dissidents putting their asses on the line. Conversely, there's never been a shortage of reactionaries seeking to repress such vision and passion. Learning how to fight and/or defend yourself is not the same as promoting belligerent, anti-social behavior. While talk of non-violence is understandable and the struggle for peace has never been more essential, let's face it: odds are that sooner or later you're going to end up in a confrontation that may escalate into physical violence. So, why not be prepared? Self-Defense for Radicals will get you off and running in the right direction. From eye gouges to groin punches--you'll find a powerful collection of tactics with which we can fight back. Interspersed with words of wisdom and guidance from Emma Goldman, Bruce Lee, Angela Davis, and even Patrick Swayze, this pocket-sized pamphlet will inspire readers to not only speak truth to power but also deliver a sharp elbow to power's jutting jaw. Presented in the street-smart style we've come to expect from Mickey Z., Self-Defense for Radicals dares you to re-examine what we perceive as acceptable behavior--both by the oppressors and the revolutionaries. 
Price: 4.00 USD

12 Buried treasure in the U.S: And where to find it (Tempo books)
Penfield, Thomas Grosset & Dunlap 1969 B0007EGVW0 MASS MARKET PAPERBACK Good 
B0007EGVW0 ~Good. No DJ, as issued. Mass-market Paperback. Light to moderate shelf wear to covers/corners; satisfaction guaranteed. 
Price: 29.00 USD

39 Snowboarding. Die Farbe des Schnees.
Bauer, Peter Nymphenburger 3485007609 / 9783485007603 Hardcover Very Good 
3485007609 Book is oversized and/or heavy, priority or international orders will require additional shipping funds.~Very Good. VG DJ. Hardcover. Light shelf wear to boards/DJ; clean text/tight binding; satisfaction guaranteed. 
Price: 12.00 USD

13 Cao Dai Kung-Fu: Lost Fighting Arts of Vietnam
Lung, Haha Loompanics Unlimited 1559502312 / 9781559502313 PAPERBACK New 
1559502312 Brand New; satisfaction guaranteed. 
Price: 7.00 USD

40 Soccer vs. the State: Tackling Football and Radical Politics
Kuhn, Gabriel PM Press 1604860537 / 9781604860535 PAPERBACK New 
1604860537 Soccer has turned into a multi-billion dollar industry. Professionalism and commercialization dominate its global image. Yet the game retains a rebellious side, maybe more so than any other sport co-opted by money makers and corrupt politicians. From its roots in working-class England to political protests by players and fans, and a current radical soccer underground, the notion of football as the "people's game" has been kept alive by numerous individuals, teams, and communities. This book not only traces this history, but also reflects on common criticisms: soccer ferments nationalism, serves right-wing powers, fosters competitiveness. Acknowledging these concerns, alternative perspectives on the game are explored, down to practical examples of egalitarian DIY soccer! Soccer vs. the State serves both as an orientation for the politically conscious football supporter and as an inspiration for those who try to pursue the love of the game away from television sets and big stadiums, bringing it to back alleys and muddy pastures. 
Price: 18.00 USD

14 Cao Dai Kung-Fu: Lost Fighting Arts of Vietnam
Lung, Haha Loompanics Unlimited 1559502312 / 9781559502313 PAPERBACK New 
1559502312 Brand New! Perfect for Resale, $17.95 retail! Support Radical Independent Booksellers With Kids to Feed! Trade paperback (US). Glued binding. 188 p. Contains: Illustrations. Audience: General/trade. 
Price: 7.00 USD

41 Surf Culture: The Art History of Surfing
Craig Stecyk Gingko Press 2002 1584231335 / 9781584231332 Hardcover Very Good 
1584231335 ~Very Good. VG DJ. Hardcover. Light shelf wear to boards/DJ; satisfaction guaranteed. Designed by David Carson and published in conjunction with an exhibition at the Laguna Art Museum in July 2002, Surf Culture examines the history of modern surfboard design from 1900 to the present and features over 100 surfboards. It is the most comprehensive examination to date of surfing's impact on western culture and its cultural bleed into mainstream. Both exhibition and book will explore surfing related activities and by-products such as skateboarding, surf photography, film, clothing, and music and make an assessment of their socio-economic impact. Works of art featured are all surf-influenced and by artists/surfers who have achieved prominence in either the art world or popular culture - Craig Kauffman, Billy Al Bengston, and Robert Irwin to name just a few. Guest curator for the exhibition is Craig Stecyk of Dysfunctional fame. 
Price: 233.00 USD

15 Chainbreaker Bike Book: A Rough Guide to Bicycle Maintenance (DIY)
Jackson, Shelly Lynn; Clark, Ethan Microcosm Publishing 0977055736 / 9780977055739 PAPERBACK New 
0977055736 New. No dust jacket as issued. Brand New! Support Radical Independent Pacific Northwest Booksellers! Trade paperback (US). Glued binding. 256 p. Contains: Illustrations. Audience: General/trade. A bicycle repair manual that is hand illustrated and conversationally toned-with an understanding that we don't all come out of the womb with an innate understanding of mechanics and bicycles. Meant to be a friendly gateway into the world of fixing your not-so-brand-new commuter bike, from Ethan and Shelley of the Plan B Bike Project and French Quarter Bicycles in New Orleans. This book also reprints the original four issues of Chainbreaker zine, whose masters were destroyed in Hurricane Katrina flooding. A great book for introduction or just someone who wants to geek out about bikes. "Shelley and Ethan obviously put a great deal of time and energy into not only riding and thinking about bicycles, but also examining their relationship to them. With warmth, charm, and knowledge to spare, Chainbreaker gives the joy of bicycle maintenance back to who it belongs: People. I got down and dirty with my bike and this eminently accessible and well-compiled volume moments after bringing it home, and I'm sure to dog-ear many copies of this book in my travels. One of the most inspiring, dedicated projects in the world of independent publishing. " [Golnar Nikpour, MAXIMUMROCKNROLL]. 
Price: 14.00 USD

42 Survival Poaching
Benson, Ragnar Paladin Press 0873641833 / 9780873641838 PAPERBACK New 
0873641833 New. No dust jacket as issued. Brand New! Support Radical Independent Pacific Northwest Booksellers! Trade paperback (US). Glued binding. 250 p. Contains: Illustrations. Audience: General/trade. Tells the survivalist how to collect wild game under any circumstances, using Indian secrets. Shows specific poaching methods for deer, elk, bear, moose, beaver, mink, muskrat, trout, salmon, grouse, pheasant, duck and dozens more. Includes detailed plans for many traps, snares, deadfalls, etc. Truly a fascinating and useful selection. Ragnar Benson is America's most-esteemed survival expert. He has written more than 20 books for Paladin throughout the years on a variety of topics covering everything from weapons to politics to survival medicine. 
Price: 27.00 USD

16 Conquer Crime: How To Be Your Own Bodyguard
Don Paul Path Finder Publications 0938263242 / 9780938263241 PAPERBACK New 
0938263242 My country endures the highest crime rate in the world.? Police can ONLY make an arrest AFTER a crime has been committed.? Protecting yourself doesn't work if you.?like a policeman,?have to wait for a crime to occur.? Therefore, this book teaches what to do BEFORE a crime might happen--so it's about prevention.? It teaches how to keep your home UN-burgled, your body UN-raped, and your children UN-abducted.? Sections for teens teach them to arrive at adulthood UN-victimized.? Author is a former Green Beret (10 books--with over 200,000 copies sold) who writes on survival, and surviving crime is successful with pre-crime preparation and knowledge of how to defend and escape if an attack occurs. 
Price: 12.00 USD

43 The ABC of Avalanche Safety
Lachapelle, Ed Mountaineers Books 0898861039 / 9780898861037 PAPERBACK Very Good 
0898861039 ~Very Good. Light shelf wear to covers/corners; satisfaction guaranteed. Trade paperback binding. 
Price: 3.00 USD

17 Critical Mass: Bicycling's Defiant Celebration
AK Press 1902593596 / 9781902593593 PAPERBACK Very Good 
1902593596 Infoshoppe written on edge of pages, stamp on 1/2 title page. Very good, clean text, light wear to corners and edges, trade paperback binding. Satisfaction guaranteed. 
Price: 6.00 USD

44 The Ancient Art Of Life And Death: The Book of Dim-Mak
Bauer, Rick; Walker, Flane Paladin Press 1581605749 / 9781581605747 PAPERBACK New 
1581605749 New. No dust jacket as issued. Brand New! Support Radical Independent Pacific Northwest Booksellers! Trade paperback (US). Glued binding. 201 p. Contains: Illustrations. Audience: General/trade. Contrary to popular myth, the original purpose of dim-mak was not the training of assassins. It was an intensive study of the medical arts that incorporated the martial arts, and its ultimate goal was to heal, not to destroy. True to the intent of the ancient Chinese masters, here is an undiluted, holistic study of dim-mak as both a martial and a healing art. A modern supplement to the handful of classical texts in existence, it preserves the integrity of the traditional teachings while tearing down the walls of mystery and intrigue that surround the art. After providing a historical overview of dim-mak and Traditional Chinese Medicine, the book explores the physiological mechanism of dim-mak from Eastern and Western perspectives. In addition, it offers a rare look at the fabled 36-Chamber training sequence traditionally used to teach dim-mak; in-depth analyses of each of the acupoints on the 12 main meridians, including their medicinal uses, martial applications and antidotes; and an introduction to the herbal pharmacology that was an integral part of traditional dim-mak training. Those seeking a balanced, professional perspective on dim-mak will find this insightful guide an indispensable resource. For academic study only. A. Flane Walker is a traditional taoist martial artist, acupuncturist, herbalist and student of Asiduedro Adlawana, Walker Pinkett, and Mastuetsu Kushubi. He was the last of Master Kushubi's students to be taught the complete 36-Chamber training sequence. Among his other accomplishments, Mr. Walker has served as vice president of Tiger Yangs Moo Ye Do International, and taught at West Coast Hotokan headquarters, where he and the late Edwin Hamile "compared and exchanged concepts. " Mr. Walker is now considered the Grand Master of the Won Hop Loong Chuan system of martial arts. A martial artist and longtime student of A. Flane Walker, Richard C. Bauer is the author of numerous professional journal articles on military history and martial arts sub. 
Price: 36.00 USD

18 Cycling Shorts: Short Documentaries About Bicycles
Biel, Joe Microcosm Publishing 1621064638 / 9781621064633 DVD New 
1621064638 Brand New DVD wrapped in plastic. What is bicycle culture? It?s what you make of it. Anything can happen: Activists educate the policymakers. Bureaucrats create whimsical public art. Strangers help each other move house by bike. Corporations turn their drive-thrus into bike thrus. Joe Biel?s short movies explore all these phenomena and more as he follows the emergence of modern bike culture over the last ten years of riding the streets of US cities and meeting the characters who are making the magic happen. The twenty eight short documentaries include?Martinis in the Bike Lane, One Less Truck,?Burgerville?s Bike-Thru,?Training for Carmageddon, Hunter-Gatherers Never Looked This Good,?Disabled Cyclists, Sunday Parkways, Last Train Out of North America, and many more. 
Price: 13.00 USD

45 The Beginner's Guide to Hunting Deer for Food (Beginner's Guide To... (Storey))
Jackson Landers Storey Publishing, LLC 1603427287 / 9781603427289 PAPERBACK New 
1603427287 Hunting deer is the most inexpensive, environmentally friendly way to acquire organic, grass-fed meat. Even if you?ve never held a gun before, author Jackson Landers can show you how to supplement your food supply with venison taken near your home. He addresses everything a new hunter needs to know: how to choose the correct rifle and ammunition, how to hunt effectively and safely, and what to do if something goes wrong. He includes chapters on field dressing and butchering after the kill, recipes for using the meat, and a chapter on the politics and psychology of hunting. Whether you hunt to be more self-sufficient, to eat the safest and most nutritious meat possible, to protect the environment, or to save money, this book is the perfect guide. 
Price: 15.00 USD

19 Dirty Fighting
Andy Puzyr Desert Pubns 0879470712 / 9780879470715 PAPERBACK New 
0879470712 Unlike formal self defense that you?ve learned, Dirty Fighting works. You don?t have to waste a lot of time training. It requires less strength than structured self defense systems. This book is not a self defense system. There are no fixed methods of how a technique should or should not be done. Its purpose is to teach you to defend yourself by attacking your opponent using deception and surprise, accompanied by a handful of highly effective and unconventional fighting techniques requiring a minimal amount of strength. 51/2x8 1/2, 128 pgs, Illus., softcvr. 
Price: 15.00 USD

46 The Lure of Esther Mountain: Matriarch of the Adirondack High Peaks
Weber, Sandra Purple Mountain Pr Ltd 0935796657 / 9780935796650 PAPERBACK Very Good 
0935796657 ~Very Good. Light shelf wear to covers/corners; satisfaction guaranteed. Light bumping and rubbing to corners and edges. 
Price: 5.00 USD

20 El Duque: Pacific Northwest Surf Summer 2006 Vol. 1, # 2
Fuller, Mark (Ed.) El Duque 2006 PAPERBACK Good 
~Good. No DJ, as issued. Trade Paperback. Light to moderate shelf wear to covers/corners; satisfaction guaranteed. El Duque is(was?) a magazine with Olympia roots covering the unique coastal environment and surf culture of the Pacific Northwest. Based out of Olympia! It?s unique in that it focuses on personal stories of people who love surfing in freezing water. It also contains mostly black and white photography-inspired by Hamburger Eyes. Issue #2 keeps up the good work with more photos, stories and adventures inspired by the brave cold water surfers of the Pacific Northwest. 
Price: 10.00 USD

47 The Mountaineer / 1967
The Mountaineers The Mountaineers Seattle, WA 1967 B0045VH04Y PAPERBACK Good 
B0045VH04Y ~Good. No DJ, as issued. Trade Paperback. Light to moderate shelf wear to covers/corners; satisfaction guaranteed. 
Price: 5.00 USD

21 Everyday Bicycling: How to Ride a Bike for Transportation (Whatever Your Lifestyle) (DIY)
Blue, Elly Microcosm Publishing 1621067254 / 9781621067252 PAPERBACK New 
1621067254 Brand New! Everyday Bicycling?is a guide to everything you need to know to get started riding a bicycle for transportation. Elly Blue introduces you to the basics, including street smarts, bike shopping, dressing professionally, carrying everything from groceries to children to furniture, and riding in all weather. With its positive, practical approach, this book is perfect for anyone who has ever dreamed of riding a bicycle for transportation. 
Price: 9.00 USD

48 The New York Road Runners Club Complete Book of Running and Fitness: Third Edition
Averbuch, Gloria Random House Reference 0679780106 / 9780679780106 PAPERBACK Good 
0679780106 Good, paperback, light to moderate wear to corners and edges. May contain markings, previous owner's name, remainder mark, bookplate and/or other minor aesthetic flaws. 
Price: 7.00 USD

22 Fight At Night: Tools, Techniques, Tactics, And Training For Combat In Low Light And Darkness
Stanford, Andy Paladin Press 1581600267 / 9781581600261 PAPERBACK New 
1581600267 In this book, world-class self-defense and tactical trainer Andy Stanford covers a wide spectrum of high- and low-tech approaches to prevailing in any high-risk, reduced-light scenario. Stanford cuts through the myths and misconceptions about night-fighting hardware and shows you how to employ it effectively in low-light combat. 
Price: 20.00 USD

49 The SAS Self-Defense Handbook: A Complete Guide to Unarmed Combat Techniques
Wiseman, John "Lofty" Lyons Press 1585740608 / 9781585740604 PAPERBACK New 
1585740608 New. No dust jacket as issued. Brand New! Support Radical Pacific Northwest Booksellers! Trade paperback (US). Glued binding. 240 p. Contains: Illustrations. Audience: General/trade. Written by a former Survival Instructor of the SAS (Special Air Service-England's equivalent of the United States Special Forces), SAS Self-Defense Handbook provides easy-to-follow illustrated instructions-for both men and women-on coping with all kinds of threatening situations, from muggings to knife attacks. author teaches you strategies for both avoiding conflict and getting out of a dangerous situation quickly and safely. Learn how mental attitude, body language, assertiveness, and the ability to overcome fear can prevent you from becoming a prime target for criminals. Learn which body parts are the most effective weapons in fending off an attacker, and which are the most likely targets for attack. Defend yourself from sudden grabs, strangles, weapons, and road rage. And find out how to deliver the SAS five-second knockout, a defense previously available only to British SAS Special Forces soldiers. (71/2 X 91/2, 160 pages, b&w photos, illustrations). 
Price: 18.00 USD

23 God, Forgive These Bastards: Stories from the Forgotten Life of Georgia Tech Pitcher Henry Turner (Real World)
Morton, Rob Microcosm Publishing 1621068765 / 9781621068761 PAPERBACK New 
1621068765 ~NEW. No DJ, as issued. Trade Paperback. Brand new; satisfaction guaranteed. Not only is this a companion book to the jazz punk album of the same name by The Taxpayers, this is a remembrance of a life filled with contradictions?cowardice and bravery, falsehoods and candidness, glory and failure?told from the perspective of Henry Turner, a baseball hero turned psyche ward street minstrel.?In the late 1970s, Henry Turner went from being a local hero and star pitcher of the Georgia Tech Wildcats to an abusive, alcoholic drifter. After spending his later years in homeless encampments and psych wards, Turner turned his demons to his advantage and became a kind, beloved street story-teller, a friend of the down-and-out, and a public transit angel.?God, Forgive These Bastardsexplores the brief moments that can shape or lives and the power of forgiving even the most wretched actions with compassion and understanding. 
Price: 7.00 USD

50 The Walking Stick Method Of Self-defence
Anonymous Paladin Press 1581604386 / 9781581604382 PAPERBACK New 
1581604386 New. No dust jacket as issued. Brand New! Support Radical Independent Pacific Northwest Booksellers! 96 p. Contains: Illustrations. Audience: General/trade. walking stick is a convenient and formidable weapon in the hands of a man trained to use it. With the carry and use of firearms and knives becoming more restricted by law, the stick is becoming an increasingly viable implement of practical self-defense for ordinary citizens. Now you can learn both the history and art of stick fighting from one of the earliest known books ever published on the topic. "Walking Stick" Method of Self-Defence by "an officer of the Indian Police" is an extraordinary example of a practical martial art text of the early twentieth century. Published in the 1920s, the book provides illustrated instruction in stick-fighting technique as developed by Mr. H.G. Lang, Superintendent of Agency Police, Kathiawar, India. entire range of defensive and offensive skills is discussed and demonstrated, including guards, strikes, combinations, counterattacks, feints and tricks, double-handed techniques and training drills. As the author wrote in the original book: "work will appeal to all, more especially to those who have already been in a 'tight corner' and have felt how much they missed in not having known how to use their stick to its best effect. 
Price: 16.00 USD

24 Hand to Hand Combat
Us Government Desert Pubns 0879474009 / 9780879474003 PAPERBACK New 
0879474009 finest little volume in print on unarmed and knife fighting. Almost 200 action illustrations covering: Fundamentals of hand-to-hand, Most vulnerable points, Knife attack, Silencing sentries, Fall positions & throws, Countering attacks, Take-downs, Strangles, & Counters to knife attack. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, 190 pgs, illus., softcvr. 
Price: 11.00 USD

51 Unarmed against the knife
Diaz-Cobo, Oscar Paladin Press 0873642430 / 9780873642439 PAPERBACK New 
0873642430 New. No dust jacket as issued. Brand New! Support Radical Pacific Northwest Independent Booksellers! 77 pages material in this book is for individuals who want to learn what to do if they come face-to-face with a knife-wielding attacker. Many books are available on this subject, but according to the author the majority of their techniques are suicidal. This book will teach you to leave the fancy and complicated moves to the actors & the morons. 51/2"x81/2", 77 pgs, photos & softcvr. 
Price: 14.00 USD

25 Historical Perspectives: China and the Olympics.
Shinnick, Phillip Far East Reporter 1978. New York 1978 B000ROGH60 PAPERBACK Good 
B000ROGH60 ~Good. No DJ, as issued. Stapled Pamphlet/Zine style publication. Light to moderate shelf wear to covers/corners; satisfaction guaranteed. Signed and inscribed by author to a friend on front cover. 
Price: 18.00 USD

52 Understanding Avalanches: A Handbook for Snow Travelers in the Sierra and Cascades
Diltz-Siler, B. Signpost Books 1977 0913140244 / 9780913140246 PAPERBACK Good 
0913140244 ~Good. No DJ, as issued. Stapled Pamphlet/Zine style publication. Light to moderate shelf wear to covers/corners; satisfaction guaranteed. 
Price: 7.00 USD

26 Hunting America's Wild Turkeys
Bridges, Toby Stoeger Publishing Company 0883172283 / 9780883172285 PAPERBACK Very Good 
0883172283 ~Very Good. Light shelf wear to covers/corners; satisfaction guaranteed. Trade paperback binding. 
Price: 9.00 USD

53 Upscale Nine-Ball
Koehler, Jack H. Sportology Pubns 0962289078 / 9780962289071 PERFECT PAPERBACK New 
0962289078 UPSCALE NINE-BALL is intended for intermediate to advanced pool players. Entire chapters are devoted to shots and situations associated specifically with the game of NINE-BALL.Does a particular shooting accomplishment, on one table, have universal meaning? Not really; for example, it is much easier to run nine balls on a table with large pockets than to run nine balls on a table that has small pockets. Until now the relitive difficulty of pocketing balls had to be described subjectively. This book describes an objective way of evaluating relative pocket difficulty (Chapter 2).Have you ever wondered how your NINE-BALL skills compare to those of your friends across the country? Are you playing better today than you did five years ago? Do you play better with an 18-ounce stick than with a 20-ounce stick? Without an objective way of evaluating your game skills, you can only guess at the snswers to these questions. By using the KOEHLER SKILL RATING SYSTEM (Chapter 18) you can answer these questions objectively.This book describes, in detail, all the various handicapping systems. The value of each type of handicap varies with the skill of the players. You can now determine exactly how much each handicap is worth to you as an individual. The "skip handicap system" (Chapter 19) is a new system that can be fine-tuned to an extent that has never befor been possible. 
Price: 32.00 USD

27 Knuckles and Gloves
Lynch, Bohun Paladin Press 1581605900 / 9781581605907 PAPERBACK New 
1581605900 New. No dust jacket as issued. Brand New! Support Independent Pacific Northwest Booksellers! Trade paperback (US). Glued binding. 217 p. Contains: Illustrations. Audience: General/trade. 
Price: 22.00 USD

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