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Food Politics

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Cooking, Kitchen, Food & Booze:Food Politics

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1 Eating Animals
Foer, Jonathan Safran Back Bay Books 0316069884 / 9780316069885 PAPERBACK Good 
0316069884 1st printing paperback, Good. Light to moderate shelf wear to covers/corners. Trade paperback binding. Support Last Word Books & Press and independent booksellers. 
Price: 20.00 USD

10 Smokestack Lightning: Adventures in the Heart of Barbecue Country
Elie, Lolis Eric North Point Pr 0865475172 / 9780865475175 PAPERBACK Good 
0865475172 Good. Light to moderate shelf wear to covers/corners. Trade paperback binding. Support Last Word Books & Press and independent booksellers. 
Price: 15.00 USD

2 Edible Secrets: A Food Tour of Classified U.S. History (World Around Us)
Michael Hoerger; Mia Partlow Microcosm Publishing 1934620416 / 9781934620410 PAPERBACK New 
1934620416 What do top-secret CIA assassination plots, Black Panther arrests, and Reaganomics have in common? Food, of course! Michael Hoerger and Mia Partlow collect, contextualize and graphically narrate declassified government documents with food as a theme! Over 500,000 declassified memos, debriefings and transcripts were combed to uncover some of the most important and iconic people and narratives from US history. Providing a voyeuristic insight into the US government, these documents are like reality TV for politicos and foodies: Assassinations by milkshake, subliminal popcorn cravings, Reagan's love of hydroponics, and what could be Fred Hampton's most radical action?giving ice cream to small children. Illustrated throughout by Nate Powell. 
Price: 10.00 USD

11 Stuffed and Starved (PM Audio)
Patel, Raj PM Press 1604861037 / 9781604861037 Audiobook CD New 
1604861037 New in new dust jacket. Brand New! Support Pacific Northwest Independent Booksellers! PM Audio, 10. Audience: General/trade. How can starving people also be obese? Why does everything have soy in it? How do petrochemicals and biofuels control the price of food? It's a perverse fact of modern life: There are more starving people in the world than ever before (800 million) while there are also more people overweight (1 billion). On this audio CD, Raj Patel talks about his investigation to find out how we got to this point and what we can do about it. His research took him from the colossal supermarkets of California to India's wrecked paddy-fields and Africa's bankrupt coffee farms, while along the way he ate genetically engineered soy beans and dodged flying objects in the protestor-packed streets of South Korea. What he found was shocking, from the false choices given us by supermarkets to a global epidemic of farmer suicides, and real reasons for famine in Asia and Africa. Yet he also found great cause for hope--in international resistance movements working to create a more democratic, sustainable and joyful food system. Going beyond ethical consumerism, Patel explains, from seed to store to plate, the steps to regain control of the global food economy, stop the exploitation of both farmers and consumers, and rebalance global sustenance. 
Price: 15.00 USD

3 Everything I Want To Do Is Illegal: War Stories from the Local Food Front
Salatin, Joel Polyface 0963810952 / 9780963810953 PAPERBACK New 
0963810952 New. No dust jacket as issued. Brand New! Support Radical Independent Pacific Northwest Booksellers! Trade paperback (US). Glued binding. 338 p. Audience: General/trade. Drawing upon 40 years' experience as an ecological farmer and marketer, Joel Salatin explains with humor and passion why Americans do not have the freedom to choose the food they purchase and eat. From child labor regulations to food inspection, bureaucrats provide themselves sole discretion over what food is available in the local marketplace. Their system favors industrial, global corporate food systems and discourages community-based food commerce, resulting in homogenized selection, mediocre quality, and exposure to nonorganic farming practices. Salatin's expert insight explains why local food is expensive and difficult to find and will illuminate for the reader a deeper understanding of the industrial food complex. 
Price: 24.00 USD

12 Stuffed and Starved: Markets, Power and the Hidden Battle for the World Food System
Patel, Raj Portobello Books 1846270103 / 9781846270109 Hardcover Good 
1846270103 1st edition, 1st printing with full number line. ~Good. Light to moderate shelf wear to covers/corners. Hardcover with Dust Jacket. Support Last Word Books & Press and other independent booksellers. For more information about a specific title please feel free to contact us with your questions. 
Price: 18.00 USD

4 Food Not Bombs
Butler, C. T.; McHenry, Keith See Sharp Press 1884365213 / 9781884365218 PAPERBACK New 
1884365213 This is an excellent book, detailing this group (Food Not Bombs, which grew from a small anti-nuke collective into a decentralised international organization, with autonomous chapters throughout the world. This book is an indispensable resource for challenging capitalism, through the direct redistribution of food. Includes stories of specific actions, recipes, and clip art. Try to find this book through a small independent bookstore, not a ultra capitalistic dot-com. Don't buy into consumerism, get involved! "The Revolution Will Be Catered! 
Price: 20.00 USD

13 Terra Madre: Forging a New Global Network of Sustainable Food Communities
Petrini, Carlo Chelsea Green Publishing 1603582630 / 9781603582636 PAPERBACK New 
1603582630 More than twenty years ago, when Italian Carlo Petrini learned that McDonald?s wanted to erect its golden arches next to the Spanish Steps in Rome, he developed an impassioned response: he helped found the Slow Food movement. Since then, Slow Food has become a worldwide phenomenon, inspiring the likes of Alice Waters and Michael Pollan. Now, it?s time to take the work of changing the way people grow, distribute, and consume food to a new level. On a global scale, as Petrini tells us in Terra Madre, we aren?t eating food. Food is eating us. Large-scale industrial agriculture has run rampant and penetrated every corner of the world. price of food is fixed by the rules of the market, which have neither concern for quality nor respect for producers. People have been forced into standardized, unnatural diets, and aggressive, chemical-based agriculture is ravaging ecosystems from the Great Plains to the Kalahari. Food has been stripped of its meaning, reduced to a mere commodity, and its mass production is contributing to injustice all over the world. In Terra Madre, Petrini shows us a solution in the thousands of newly formed local alliances between food producers and food consumers. And he proposes expanding these alliances?connecting regional food communities around the world to promote good, clean, and fair food. end goal is a world in which communities are entitled to food sovereignty?allowed to choose not only what they want to grow and eat, but also how they produce and distribute it. 
Price: 20.00 USD

5 Hungry City: How Food Shapes Our Lives
Steel, Carolyn Random House UK 0099531682 / 9780099531685 PAPERBACK Very Good 
0099531682 Very Good. Light shelf wear to covers/corners. Trade paperback binding. Support Last Word Books & Press and independent booksellers. 
Price: 12.00 USD

14 The Face on Your Plate: The Truth About Food
Masson, Jeffrey Moussaieff W. W. Norton & Company 0393065952 / 9780393065954 Hardcover Very Good 
0393065952 1st edition, 1st printing with full number line. Very Good. Light shelf wear to covers/corners. Hardcover with Dust Jacket. Support Last Word Books & Press and independent booksellers. 
Price: 15.00 USD

6 Reclaiming Our Food: How the Grassroots Food Movement Is Changing the Way We Eat
Cobb, Tanya Denckla Storey Publishing, LLC 1603427996 / 9781603427999 PAPERBACK New 
1603427996 More and more people are seeking out local food, and?Reclaiming Our Food?tells the stories of more than 50 groups across North America who are finding new ways to provide local food for their communities. For example, Growing Gardens, in Oregon, installs home gardens for low-income families and hosts follow-up workshops for the owners. Lynchburg Grows, in Virginia, bought an abandoned urban greenhouse business and turned it into an organic farm that employs people with disabilities and sells its food through a local farmers? market and a CSA. And Sunburst Trout Farm, a small family business in North Carolina, is showing that it?s possible to raise fish sustainably and sell to a local market. Photo essays by acclaimed photographer Jason Houston bring the local food movement to life in unforgettable images. This practical handbook will empower and inspire community activists and planners, schools, small farmers, and everyone who wants to increase their community?s access to food that doesn?t arrive on a train, plane, or cargo ship. 
Price: 25.00 USD

15 The Gene Hunters: Biotechnology and the Scramble for Seeds
CALESTOUS JUMA ZED BOOKS 0862326400 / 9780862326401 PAPERBACK Very Good 
0862326400  ~Good. No DJ, as issued. Trade Paperback. Contains highlighting/markings. Light to moderate highlighting/markings/shelf wear, otherwise clean text; satisfaction guaranteed. 
Price: 27.00 USD

7 Seeds of Contention: World Hunger and the Global Controversy over GM Crops (International Food Policy Research Institute)
Pinstrup-Andersen, Per; Schiĝler, Ebbe International Food Policy Research Institute 0801868262 / 9780801868269 PAPERBACK Very Good 
0801868262 Very Good, clean text, trade paperback binding, may have sticker, sticker residue, remainder mark or other minor aesthetic flaw. Light wear to corners and edges, satisfaction guaranteed. Last Word Books & Press is an Infamous Independent Bookstore and Print Shop located in Olympia, Washington. 
Price: 10.00 USD

16 The Revolution Will Not Be Microwaved: Inside America's Underground Food Movements
Katz, Sandor Ellix Chelsea Green Publishing 1933392118 / 9781933392110 PAPERBACK New 
1933392118 New. No dust jacket as issued. Brand New! Support Radical Independent Pacific Northwest Booksellers! Trade paperback (US). Glued binding. 378 p. Contains: Illustrations. Audience: General/trade. In Revolution Will Not Be Microwaved, author Sandor Ellix Katz profiles grassroots activists who are taking on Big Food, creating meaningful alternatives, and challenging the way many Americans think about food. From community-supported local farmers, community gardeners, and seed saving activists, to underground distribution networks of contraband foods and food resources rescued from the waste stream, this book shows how ordinary people can resist the dominant system, revive community-based food production, and take direct responsibility for their own health and nutrition. Chapter Topics Include: Local and Seasonal Food versus Constant Convenience Consumerism; Seed Saving as a Political Act; Holding Our Ground: Land and Labor Struggles; Slow Food for Cultural Survival; Raw Underground; Beware the Nutraceutical: Food and Healing; Plant Prohibitions: Laws Against Nature; Vegetarian Ethics and Humane Meat; Feral Foragers: Scavenging and Recycling Food Resources; and Water: Source of All Life "This revolution will not be genetically engineered, pumped up with hormones, covered in pesticides, individually wrapped, or microwaved..This revolution is wholesome, nurturing, and sensual. This revolution reinvigorates local economies. This revolution rescues traditional foods that are in danger of extinction and revives skills that will enable people to survive the inevitable collapse of the unsustainable, globalized, industrial food system. " Revolution Will Not Be Microwaved. 
Price: 20.00 USD

8 Seeds of Contention: World Hunger and the Global Controversy over GM Crops (International Food Policy Research Institute)
Pinstrup-Andersen, Per; Schiĝler, Ebbe International Food Policy Research Institute 0801868262 / 9780801868269 PAPERBACK Good 
0801868262 Good. Light to moderate shelf wear to covers/corners. Contains light to moderate highlighting, notes, underlining and/or other markings; satisfaction guaranteed. Trade paperback binding. Support Last Word Books & Press and independent booksellers. 
Price: 10.00 USD

17 The Vegetarian Myth: Food, Justice, and Sustainability
Keith, Lierre PM Press 1604860804 / 9781604860801 PAPERBACK New 
1604860804 ORDER FROM A SMALL INDEPENDENT, NOT FROM A HUGE CUT-THROAT CORPORATE SELLER! New. No dust jacket as issued. Brand New! Support Radical Independent Pacific Northwest Booksellers! Trade paperback (US). Glued binding. 309 p. Contains: Illustrations. Audience: General/trade. We've been told that a vegetarian diet can feed the hungry, honor the animals, and save the planet. Lierre Keith believed in that plant-based diet and spent twenty years as a vegan. But in Vegetarian Myth, she argues that we ve been led astray--not by our longings for a just and sustainable world, but by our ignorance. truth is that agriculture is a relentless assault against the planet, and more of the same won t save us. In service to annual grains, humans have devastated prairies and forests, driven countless species extinct, altered the climate, and destroyed the topsoil--the basis of life itself. Keith argues that if we are to save this planet, our food must be an act of profound and abiding repair: it must come from inside living communities, not be imposed across them. Part memoir, part nutritional primer, and part political manifesto, Vegetarian Myth will challenge everything you thought you knew about food politics. Reviews: This book saved my life. Not only does Vegetarian Myth make clear how we should be eating, but also how the dominant food system is killing the planet. This necessary book challenges many of the destructive myths we live by and offers us a way back into our bodies, and back into the fight to save the planet. --Derrick Jensen, author of Endgame and A Language Older than Words Everyone who eats should read this book. Everyone who eats vegetarian should memorize it This is the single most important book I ve ever read on diet, agriculture, and ecology. --Aric McBay, author of What We Leave Behind and Peak Oil Survival About the Author: Lierre Keith is a writer, small farmer, and radical feminist activist. She is the author of two novels and is currently co-writing a book with Derrick Jensen and Aric McBay about strategy for the environmental movement. She splits her time between Northampton, MA and Humboldt, CA. 
Price: 20.00 USD

9 Slow Food Nation: Why Our Food Should Be Good, Clean, And Fair
Petrini, Carlo Rizzoli Ex Libris 0847829456 / 9780847829453 Hardcover New 
0847829456 New in new dust jacket. Brand New! Support Radical Independent Pacific Northwest Booksellers! Glued binding. Paper over boards. With dust jacket. 262 p. Audience: General/trade. By now most of us are aware of the threats looming in the food world. best-selling Fast Food Nation and other recent books have alerted us to such dangers as genetically modified organisms, food-borne diseases, and industrial farming. Now it is time for answers, and Slow Food Nation steps up to the challenge. Here the charismatic leader of the Slow Food movement, Carlo Petrini, outlines many different routes by which we may take back control of our food. three central principles of the Slow Food plan are these: food must be sustainably produced in ways that are sensitive to the environment, those who produce the food must be fairly treated, and the food must be healthful and delicious. In his travels around the world as ambassador for Slow Food, Petrini has witnessed firsthand the many ways that native peoples are feeding themselves without making use of the harmful methods of the industrial complex. He relates the wisdom to be gleaned from local cultures in such varied places as Mongolia, Chiapas, Sri Lanka, and Puglia. Amidst our crisis, it is critical that Americans look for insight from other cultures around the world and begin to build a new and better way of eating in our communities here. 
Price: 23.00 USD

18 Vegan Freak: Being Vegan in a Non-Vegan World (Tofu Hound Press)
Torres, Bob; Torres, Jenna PM Press 1604860154 / 9781604860153 PAPERBACK New 
1604860154 New. No dust jacket as issued. Brand New! Support Radical Independent Pacific Northwest Booksellers! Trade paperback (US). Glued binding. 196 p. Audience: General/trade. Going vegan is easy, and even easier if you have the tools at hand to make it work right. In the second edition of this informative and practical guide, two seasoned vegans help you learn to love your inner vegan freak. Loaded with tips, advice, and stories, this book is the key to helping you thrive as a happy, healthy, and sane vegan in a decidedly non-vegan world that doesn't always get what you're about. In this sometimes funny, sometimes irreverent, and sometimes serious guide that's not afraid to tell it like it is, you will: find out how to go vegan in three weeks or less with our "cold tofu method", discover and understand the arguments for ethical, abolitionist veganism, learn how to convince family, friends, and others that you haven't joined a vegetable cult by going vegan, get some advice on dealing with people in your life without creating havoc or hurt feelings, learn to survive restaurants, grocery stores, and meals with omnivores, find advice on how to respond when people ask you if you "like, live on apples and twigs. " In a revised and rewritten second edition, Vegan Freak: Being Vegan in a Non-Vegan World is your guide to embracing vegan freakdom. Come on, get your freak on!. 
Price: 15.00 USD

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